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Dr. K. Jagadeesh Kumar Reddy MBBS, MS
Head - Cataract and Cornea,Sankara Eye Centre, Coimbatore

I have been associated with Ms.Appasamy associates in the development of RIL. RIL is phakic IOL for correction of refractive errors. I have implanted around 25 RIL so far and getting consistently good results. RIL is available in 0.25 mm increments in size. Implantation is very easy and material is totally biocompatible. Post operatively eyes are very quiet with no signs of pigment dispersion. There are no cases of glaucoma in our series.

Prof Dr.M.Anand Babu MS.DO.,
Chief - Cornea Services,Professor of Ophthalmology & Madras Medical College / Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Chennai

The Post operative results of Appasamy’s Phakic IOL Model RIL –Refractive Implantable Lens is very promising. Most of our Patients bring their siblings for Phakic IOL Implantation in a family of myopic error. The Implanted RIL has a range of -7.00D TO -23.00D. The Post Operative AS-OCT indicated an average vaulting ranging from 330 microns to 530 microns which is considered to be a safe placement for a long term performance facilitating the Myopic Patients to eliminate the need for spectacles during rest of their Life span

Dr. Suresh K Pandey MBBS, MS
Director,SuVi Eye institute & lasik Laser centre, KOTA

Refractive Implantable Lens (RIL – Appasamy, India) is a great new addition to the armamentarium of refractive surgeons. We have adopted RIL implantation for patients not suitable for laser refractive correction, as RIL is a precise & affordable option. So far, we have implanted 6 RIL (6 eyes) and the results have been extremely gratifying. We also had the opportunity to implant the “first” RIL in Rajasthan for a case of stable Keratoconus and again the visual results were excellent. I also performed a (Live Surgery” of RIL implantation in Chennai. We congratulate Appasamy for launching this excellent implant which is easy to handle & insert into the eye has virtually learning curve and gives excellent visual out comes.

Dr. Sudeep Das, DO, DNB (Ophthalmology)
Medical Director,Sankara Eye Hospital, Odisha

I have used both the Spherical and the Toric RIL with excellent results. The highest power that I have used was -23.0D. This patient had a BCVA of 6/18 with glasses. She now has UCVA of 6/9 after RIL implantation probably due to the negation of spectacle induced minification. The refractive correction has been excellent. The Toric RIL in my patients have been rotationally stable and provide excellent patient satisfaction at a much better price point. The loading of RIL is extremely easy and the injection is predictable, consistent and it is easy to implant. In all my patients, the vault has been acceptable and I haven’t seen any induced cataract as yet. I am confident to advise the RIL for all my patients that are suitable for a phakic IOL implantation.

Dr.Shaju Asokan DO, MS(Oph)
Ahalia Foundation Eye Hospital,Chief Medical Officer / Refractive surgeon, Palakad

The post-operative results of Appasamy RIL are excellent beyond my expectations. The RIL design makes for the peace of mind for the doctor. No pupil block or angle closure problems, perfect vaulting, and keeping cornea safe too.The delivery system is also very easy to use, even for the first timer. No cumbersome pulling or pushing from both sides of cartridge.Safety, precision & economical are three words to describe Appasamy RIL

Dr. M. Nishanth MS(Oph), FMRF
MN Eye Hospital Pvt Ltd,Clinical Director,Cornea & Refractive Surgeon, Chennai

I have been using the RIL (spherical) for my patients and have been getting good results .The loading mechanism is so easy and the cartridge goes easily in a 2.80mm incision. I use the digital caliber for W-W measurement and the vaulting has been very good and lens is very stable. The lens flexibility and tucking also has not been an issue. Few of my patients have a visual improvement of a line or 2, which did not improve with glasses.

Dr. Murali Ariga MS,DNB,FAICO
Medical Director - Swami Eye Clinic, Chennai

We have used the TORIC RIL with good results. We have used an RIL power of RE: -14.0 with -3.0Cyl 20 Preop BCVA with glass was 6/18. Postop UCVA was 6/9. Postop the TORIC RIL was stable with acceptable vault. I would advice RIL for any patient suitable for Phakic IOL.