Advantages of RIL

Previously Spectacle / Contact Lens and Lasik Surgery were the limited options for Myopic, Hypermetropic & Astigmatic condition. Now enrich your life with Phakic RIL and get away from all those exhausted customs.
RIL is highly safe as it is made up of time tested Bio-compatible Acrylic Hydrophilic material and equipped with first-in-class delivery systems. The manufacturing facilities are equipped with world class technology.
RIL results are highly accurate where the vision is perfect and are showed through evidence based proven clinical results.
RIL is implanted as a Day Care Procedure. No need for hospitalization, recovery is quick and be back to work within short period of time.
RIL is elegantly designed to be placed in sulcus smoothly which facilitate its specific purpose where precision meets perfect vision.
RIL is available in all range of power (ranging from –1D to -23D for Myopic condition and 0 to 10 D for Hypermetropic condition) which extends it support to all kind of power correction.
Unlike Spectacles, contact Lens RIL is a great solution for Myopic, Hypermetropic & Astigmatic condition as it maintains the natural look of the eye as a normal one.
Advancement in all aspects of its specification like material, size, design and outcome of its implantation.... still it is an affordable solution for refractive correction.